Thursday 11 October 2018


PLATF9RM, Brighton

Curio is all about curiosity - the magic quality that’s behind all great content and storytelling.

We’ll be sharing stories about what happens when you follow your curiosity: when you ask the difficult questions, when you do the research, when you dig into the data and when you try to do something differently.

It’s for content enthusiasts, creatives, digital specialists, small business owners, charities, not-for-profits, artists, musicians, crafters - anyone who’s interested in telling insightful stories with real impact using content strategy, data and creative.

Why come to Curio?

Be inspired

In the morning, hear inspiring stories from people on the ground who've had that spark of curiosity, not just frameworks, models and theory.

Problem shared, problem solved

In the afternoon, you'll have the chance to tackle your own challenges with the help of your peers in practical workshops.

Low-cost tickets

Tickets are pay-what-you-can to make Curio accessible. Any profit we make will be donated to The Clocktower Sanctuary.

Our mission

What if we’re curious?

We want Curio to celebrate curiosity. We’ve sought out speakers who we think have a great story to tell about following an interesting thread.

We want to run the event with curiosity too. We’ve never done this before — it’s an adventure and we want to do things a little differently, learning as we go.

What if we’re open?

We want to open the event up to as many people as we can. Because we have funding and we’re not-for-profit, our tickets are ‘pay-what-you-can’ so that money won’t be an obstacle to attending.

We're open to hearing what we need to do to be accessible. If you want to come but something’s getting in the way, let us know so we can find a solution.

What if we try to do good?

Any profit we generate will be donated to The Clock Tower Sanctuary.

It’s also important to us to keep the amount of waste we create to a minimum. That means no lanyards, no plastic bags, no bottled water, no printed agendas.

Who's behind Curio?

Curio is organised by Lauren Pope and Louise Whitfield.


Freelance content strategist

A content pluralist, working across content strategy, marketing, operations and digital transformation, if there's content involved and a complex problem to unpick, she's there.


Freelance marketing strategist

Solving a multitude of problems across a variety of global industries, she’s well versed in a number of disciplines, including content, social media, digital PR and search engine optimisation.

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Curio is part of Brighton Digital Festival, and made possible by the BDF and Brandwatch Grassroots Award.