About Curio

We believe creativity and curiosity are the driving forces behind great content. That’s why we started Curio: to share stories, ideas and inspiration about how to harness and nurture those forces in your work. You can expect:

  • Case studies showing how asking difficult questions, doing research, or thinking differently led to brilliant content
  • Approaches for harnessing and applying curiosity in your work through research, data and insight
  • Ways to nurture and develop your creativity, make your ideas a reality, or get a creative side hustle up-and-running

It’s for:

  • Content people, marketers and creatives from any sector
  • Charities, not-for-profits and start-ups who want to tell their story
  • Frustrated artists, writers, musicians etc looking for an outlet for their talent

Why come to Curio?

1. Be inspired: Hear inspiring stories from people on the ground who’ve had that spark of curiosity, not just frameworks, models and theory.

2. Meet your people: Meet likeminded people who share the same challenges as you. We’ll be creating opportunities for discussion throughout the day.

3. Low cost tickets: We keep our tickets as cheap as we can to open the event up to as many people as possible.

Curio 2019 is generously sponsored by:

Brought to you by Lauren Pope and Louise Whitfield.