Tanya Byrne

Tanya Byrne is an award winning author and freelance journalist. She has written three young adult novels and has written for The Guardian and The Pool.​

Anjali Ramachandran

With a background in digital product and technology innovation, Anjali believes in the power of strong narratives and impact-driven media. Anjali is also the co-founder of global network for women in tech 

Claudia Knowles

Claudia thinks stories are the key to support, and focuses on harnessing the power of narrative across the organisation.

Darshan Sanghrajka

Darshan is the founder of social innovation studio, Super Being Labs. He is also the co-founder of Being ManKind, a project dedicated to breaking down negative gender stereotypes.

Josh Boyd

Josh runs all Brandwatch’s social media channels, along with writing stories for their blog and handling the site’s search engine optimisation.

Sophie Coley

Sophie is responsible for and passionate about gathering rich audience insight, ensuring that no matter the delivery and output, the strategy is focused on real people.