Be Less Shit! Getting from bad to better without losing your mind in the middle

The creative industries are obsessed with excellence. From Cannes Gold Lions to the Golden Globes, we love to celebrate the very best. But how healthy is it to measure what we do against the top 0.00001% of everything that an industry produces? And how realistic is it for us to expect ourselves to move our creative work – or, more often our client’s business – from bad to award-winning in a single bound?

Brand planner and author Chris McCrudden suggests a third way. Before beating ourselves up for not going straight for fantastic, why don’t we get there by first being less shit.

About Chris

Chris is a brand planner and novelist who balances a full-time life devising communications and brand strategies for clients including Heineken and HSBC with a part-time life writing comic genre fiction and narrative non-fiction.

He tries to bring both sides of his life together by advocating for greater inclusion of and compassion for underrepresented groups in the media we consume and the marketing that shows us the lives we want to lead. Sometimes he’s successful.

His latest book, the kitchen sink dystopia Battle Beyond the Dolestars was published in September 2019 by Farrago Press.