From engaging to invisible

As a content designer Rachel loves asking questions – she has to get to the root of the real problem she’s trying to solve. But in this talk she actually answers some questions:

  • Why did she move from digital marketing into content design?
  • What makes content design so different from any other copywriting?
  • What does she love about it?
  • And if you’re looking to move over too, where should you start?

About Rachel

After studying journalism, Rachel moved into advertising, brand and marketing, working on household name brands such as Flora.

Realising she had a passion for digital user experience, she then moved into digital content strategy. After building and leading a team of content designers creating insurance journeys for high street brands, she moved to Deliveroo to focus on their rider experience. She’s more recently known as the content strategist at Clearleft, helping businesses increase their content maturity.

Rachel is the author of ‘Why you need a content team and how to build one.’