Josh is the Content and Community Manager at Brandwatch, running all the social channels, along with writing for the blog and handling the site's SEO.

He also edits the Din Monthly, a zine written by fans of Whitehawk FC.

Josh will be talking about Lush and its efforts to break through the backlash against its 'Spy Cops' campaign.

What's the result of negative press from some of the country's biggest papers, criticism from marketing thought leaders, and calls for a boycott?

A 14% rise in sales.

How did this happen? Josh wanted to know.

This talk will explore how the effect of a loud social media backlash all depends on who's being loud, and how all that noise can cover up the fact a crisis might be anything but.

Using social data and sentiment analysis, Josh will show how companies can take controversial political stances, beat the backlash, and come through the other side stronger.



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