Grief, curiosity and finding a way back to creativity

Tanya Byrne is an award winning author and freelance journalist.

She has written three young adult novels, the first of which earned her a nomination for New Writer of the Year at the National Book Awards.

She has also written for The Guardian and The Pool.

Grief tenacious. Whatever the loss, whether it’s someone we love or the end of a relationship, the need to survive makes our whole world narrow to just one thought: keep going.

When we need to summon all our energy to get out of bed in the morning, there’s little room for anything else. Our curiosity is still there, of course, still nudging us towards a particular book or away from our coffee to the couple arguing at the table next to us, but it isn’t as loud as it used to be.

So how do we find our way back? Back to a more balanced, creative life that makes us question not just where we are but where we want to be.

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