An opening ceremony for Curio

The school run, WhatsApp alerts, train delays, impossible deadlines, Brexit, climate breakdown, insectageddon, plastic pollution…You might be feeling a little distracted and not quite present when you arrive at Curio Conference. Modern life is demanding.

We want you to use your time at the event as a breathing space and an opportunity to put your own needs first.

So our opening ceremony will be a short session to acknowledge what might be demanding our attention outside the doors of the conference – and then to give ourselves permission to put it all down for a few hours. We will use the time to begin creating a friendly and supportive space where we can learn from each other and share ideas.

Hosted by experienced Art of Hosting and Mindfulness practitioners – Charlie Peverett and Tamsin Bishton – also the founders of Wilsome: brand, story and creative communications.

tamsin and charlie-curio

About Chalie and Tamsin

Charlie and Tamsin have been navigating the changing landscape of communications for more than 20 years.

Between them they’ve worked in UK government and tech startups, at digital and brand agencies, with corporates, charities and social enterprises.

First meeting at global digital marketing agency iCrossing in the late 2000s, Tamsin and Charlie built a team of content specialists and delivered innovative digital projects for international brands. Their paths later crossed around the brand and communications for leading healthcare social enterprise Here.

Charlie and Tamsin formed a partnership in the Spring of 2018, and named it Wilsome in September 2019.

Tamsin Bishton

Tamsin began her career as a researcher in BMRB’s respected graduate trainee programme. After learning data analysis, quantitative and qualitative research skills from some of the most experienced people in the industry she joined the pioneering online editorial team at the Electronic Telegraph (now better known as

Tamsin went on to become editor-in-chief for start-up social network Dobedo during the first dotcom boom, before spending five years as editorial manager for the corporate communications team in the Home Office.

Later she led a team of copywriters, journalists and content strategists at iCrossing UK; and most recently spent nearly a decade working one to one with clients as a communications advisor and content strategist.

Tamsin Bishton

Charlie Peverett

Charlie started working life as a support worker in social housing before learning his trade as a writer with the UK’s official online portal to Higher Education and Research Opportunities (HERO). In 2007 he joined the global digital marketing agency iCrossing, first as a journalist, and later becoming an editor and content strategist, leading digital editorial work on accounts including Marks and Spencer and Visit Wales.

From there he moved to purpose-driven creative agency Neo, where for five years he led teams and worked on brand, digital and campaigns strategy for clients including WWF-UK, Crisis, Global Justice Now and Here.

From 2017 he’s worked as an independent communications strategist, before forming a partnership with Tamsin.

Charlie Peverett



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