Giving a platform to leaders with lived experience

If we want the media to be more representative of the society we live in and to address our big social issues with nuance and empathy we need to hear new voices and perspectives. 

In this talk Jude will share her passion to create opportunities for people with direct experience of the big issues facing us today. From poverty to knife crime, homelessness and the criminal justice system.

She’s crowdfunded a programme to develop a spokespersons network, recruited a cohort of dynamic individuals and a network of media professionals as mentors. She’ll share insights from the pilot and the impact it is starting to have and how you can be involved.

Jude Habib-curio

About Jude

Jude’s work has always focused on the power of human-interest stories and she's passionate about giving a platform to stories and issues that don’t get reported. She strives to support people with lived experience – ‘Expert Citizens’ – to be confident to tell their stories themselves.

Jude is a BBC trained reporter and producer with over 20 years’ experience of unearthing powerful stories. At the BBC Jude focused on human interest storytelling, developing and delivering high-impact social action campaigns across radio, television and digital.

She founded sounddelivery to help charities and other socially-minded organisations navigate the changing media landscape and find new ways of telling their stories. Key to this was building the skills and confidence across organisations.

Since then Jude has trained thousands of individuals in social media and digital storytelling, helping to raise awareness and inspire action on issues including mental health, domestic violence, sexual abuse, homelessness, the care system, poverty and life in prison.

She has just founded a project to create a network of media savvy spokespeople all with direct experience of the big social issues facing us today.  In her spare time Jude is  Nightstop host providing emergency accommodation for young girls experiencing homelessness.

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